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It looks like there will be an official conclusion to the US presidential election very very soon. Protests and lawsuits are still ripe on Trump’s side, but his chances are dwindling by the second, as almost all voter counts are completed from battleground states.

I think the majority of American people are already accepting Joe Biden as the POTUS, and also other countries are sending their congratulations too. November saw an enthusiasm on the changing of the guard idea and a nice uptick on the stock market, and although there are down days, we are on the plus side for this month so far.

I have not invested anything manually on the stocks the past two weeks, because cash are kinda short lately, but i’ve been on sidelines watching the market moves up. My dividend portfolio grows by 8.5% on this month alone, and my $T, $MO and $CSCO shares have shaken up the doldrums and are now on the green again. Remember that even if some good stocks are on the dip, these will find a way to climb if the service and the company are solid.

I’m not sure if i am going to add anything on my above portfolio next week but i will still continue to make automatic monthly deposit on my Betterment taxable retirement account. They recently rebalanced my conservative portfolio to 40% stocks and 60% bonds, maybe because they see a bullish tendency with the start of the new administration. I’ve been ok with their rebalancing strategy ever since i trusted them with my money. Yes, this account is all passive, and i don’t lift a finger to analyze any of the moves. My dividends are reinvested and my portfolio continue to grow, simple as that.

The same auto deposit goes to my Fidelity IRA account. Whether the market is up or down i believe on dollar-cost-averaging. It’s good to see a recent nice return after i sold some of my bond fund ETF for Zero Fidelity ETF fund.

That’s my no hands-on money moves lately. In contrast, i am actually more involved with POD the past two weeks. My 4 stores are set-up nicely and i’m hoping for a big push for Thanksgiving and the coming holidays. I’m at a stage when i am learning the sales and marketing side of things. Recently, i’m experimenting on cutting the selling price and giving discounts to attract customers. I’m also ramping up on social media marketing and learning the ins and outs of Instagram and Pinterest marketing platform.

The one side hustle i’m most excited about in the past two weeks is my KDP book publishing. I’ve been adding more blank books on my KDP and Barnes and Noble account, and i’m also editing some of them to hash up some inconsistencies. There’s a long waiting time (at least a week) for books to be published on KDP, as opposed to what they advertised as 72 hours. B&N is shorter wait on publishing but their reach is obviously not as vast as Amazon. The latter gave me 3 sales so far and i’m still waiting on the former. At any case, i like the designing and researching part of blank book publishing, and i’m planning to add more titles in the next few weeks. Here’s a Christmas Organizer and Planner that Amazon recently published:


Another week has come and gone and we are within earshot of Thanksgiving already. I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Thank you for reading again and feel free to say hi on the comment section.