What are the stocks that would adapt to the future of investing? 2020 had been a year of “disruptive” technology as we see a lot of investors shifting their focus on more future-oriented stocks. One can argue that some of these stocks took off because of the remote needs that the Pandemic had laid out on us. CEOs and invesors found this niche where there is a lifestyle and a market for people who can continue their work needs, basic needs, entertainment needs without going out of the comfort of their homes. The second to fourth quarter of 2020 also brought about some innovative introduction which are environmental friendly to the planet and also to a green conscious investor. With science in the forefront of fighting off the deadly infection, we also see a lot of interest on scientific studies pertaining to the prevention of these invisible viruses and the general well being of the people.

Based on these pain points, i can foresee continous growth to these three stock industries in the years ahead. Word of caution though that this post is just my opinion and not to be taken as financial advise. I also want to point out as of this writing that some of these stock industries are down from their all time highs because of the early March NASDAQ correction.

  1. Online Gaming – Clearly this can be classified as remote entertainment. And the popularity of the gaming industry soars even higher because a lot of people, mostly the younger ones, have more time to sit around during the lockdown. For the more adult version, there is also the online betting which ranges from casino to sports. Having established a target audience because of the pandemic, i think this industry will not fade for a while.
  2. Electric Vehicle – If you have not heard of Tesla, then you probably are not tuning enough to the auto industry news lately, but if you do then electric cars are the wave of a less polluting future. The advent of EVs can be attributed to the ongoing awareness on global warming and climate change, as the latest technology helps in correcting the years of damages of gas-consuming cars.
  3. Genomics – What used to be on the field of science fiction is now being uncovered on the science of genomics. This study of genes and its interaction can pave the way to uncovering a lot of medical mystery in our body, including the illnesses that plague the human body. With a lot of scientific researches on this sector right now, i believe some good companies are bound to be foundational.

In conclusion, I think online gaming, EVs and genomics are just three of the many potential industries out there. It is important to do your research before you actually invest on these stocks because your own research alone will validate your conviction that these stocks are worth owning and holding for long term.

*On the spirit of disclosure, I own stocks on EV and Genomics.