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The Middle Rule is a blog about my journey and education on saving, investing, side hustle and planning for early retirement, and sometimes just thoughts on my head about family and life.

I am a father of a 3 year old, and my personal goal is to keep myself busy and contented with life so that work feels like an early retirement that can be achieved in the present and the now.

Passive income has always been my interest. Needless to say, there are risks involved but i practice, at least i strive, to invest on moderation and only invest extra monies that i can afford to lose.

I’m also a strong believer of financial literacy. As an investor, i think everyone should have a basic grasp of the financial reports and Options basics. I am recommending three ebooks that i am affiliated with: 1) The Beginner’s Guide to Analysing Financial Statements and Technical Analysis 2) 6 Pillars of an Alpha Investment & 3) Options Trading: Winning With Options In Any Market.

Two things i believe in personal finance: 1) The Stock Market fluctuates and 2) The Power of Compounding.

Building wealth takes time and commitment; this is a mindset that keeps me going and along the way i have a few bumps but i always pick myself up and move on. If you are interested where i invest my hard-earned monies (note: referral links), you can check my linktree page->

More income stream is the key to consistent flow of wealth. Aside from stock investing and options, i also have side hustles that allow me to add more $$$ to my income. Here are my other small businesses:

    1. Etsy                4. Amazon KDP
    2. Redbubble    5. Barnes and Noble Press
    3. Teesprings    6. Lulu Bookstore

What serves me well are no inventory and low start up cost POD business. I am recommending one resource that i am also affiliated with: 1) Combo Package: Etsy POD Course + Publishing Profits, Publish Blank Book 

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